Design + Code

Carrie Carter

I’m a Developer with a background in design and fine art. My career in marketing and recruiting shaped me to be an empathetic communicator, and running my own business made me a strategic planner that can balance competing priorities. I aim to leverage design and technology to leave a positive impact on the world and hopefully share a little joy and beauty along the way.

Currently Seeking

A software or web development role

I am ready to contribute to and learn from a team that requires my full-stack JavaScript skillset. 

A hybrid developer/designer role

Combining my technical and creative skills into one role would be a dream come true. I am excited to expand into UX/UI work. 

Project-based work

I love helping small businesses and individuals with their design, website, and e-commerce needs. I am also happy to contribute as a sub-contractor to projects that are a good fit. 

My Work

I’m a developer driven by design principles.

I take a user-centered approach to my work and do my best to solve challenges with simplicity using whatever tools are best suited for the task at hand.


My full portfolio will be available soon, as I finish converting this site from WordPress to Gatsby JS.

My Toolbox

My Heart

I believe the health of our planet is one of the biggest challenges we face in our lifetime. As someone that is made whole by spending time in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, I want to use my skills to promote a love and respect for the wild places in this world and support the work being done to preserve and protect them. 

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